Martial Arts Training Tools

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Nanchuku Australia


$65.00 – $75.00
Known as nunchaku, nunchucks, chucks or chain sticks, originally a farm tool used to harvest rice, it developed into a traditional Okinawan tool and consists of two sticks connected at...
Dragon Poles
6ft (1.8m)7ft (2.1m)8ft (2.4m)9ft (2.7m)10ft (3m)

Dragon Long Pole (長棍), or Luk Dim Gwan(六點半棍法) Wing Chung Dragon Pole

$140.00 – $240.00
Our Dragon Long Poles are made from solid Red Ironbark hardwood. Each pole is branded with our logo and ‘soaked’ in linseed oil for several months. They are supplied in...
Wooden Tonfa Australia


$65.00 – $150.00
  Our Tonfa are proudly made in Australia by master craftsmen.  There are two styles to select from. Use and misuse of Martial Arts weapons involves serious risks, including injury, disability,...
Long Arm Addition For All Dummies

Long Arm Addition For All Dummies

Long arms improve your footwork because they require you to move around more than the standard arm length. The long arms mimic the full arm extension of a human. They...