How does the LAYBY work?

Place your order via the order form, and select "Layby" from the drop down menu under "Payment Method". You will be emailed the payment options and an invoice. We request a 20% deposit to hold item. You can then make payments at your convenience until it is paid off. We request that it is payed off within 3 months, but you can request more time if required. Note: we will not physically hold the item until a deposit has been received.

Is the online Credit Card payment gateway secure?

Yes - Our site is hosted with Shopify which is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and meets all six categories of security standards.

What other payment options are there?

You can submit your order, then either:

-Direct Bank Deposit. We will email you an invoice with our bank details on it.

-Bank Cheque, Personal Cheque

- Paypal

- Cash/EFTPOS upon local pick-up

N.B. Your dummy won't be dispatched until payment has cleared if not using a Credit Card.

What is the delivery time?

The items are in stock, they are dispatched in 1-2 business days. Delivery can take up to 7-10working days. You will be emailed a tracking number once your order is processed, to obtain a better estimate of delivery time.  Click Here for Freight Calculator

What is the process of buying a Wooden Dummy from overseas?

If you live overseas, email us for a quote on the price of freight. We will then get back to you with a price and delivery time to your country's customs. Before the dummy may be shipped, you will need to organise an Import Permit with your own Customs / Quarantine in your country. We cannot do this for you, as every country has a different policy. If any further treatment to the timber is required (eg. fumigation), this will incur extra costs.

What are the dimensions of the Dummies, and floor space required?

The Attack Dummy is 1600m wide; the base is 1000mm deep; height is 1700mm
The Tripod Dummy is 1500m wide; the base is 1000mm deep; height is 1700mm

What is the height of the arms of the dummies?

TRIPOD: To the point where the arms cross over is approximately 1425mm in height to the centre point of the arm. The single arm is at 1100mm approximately.
ATTACK: Height of arms is adjustable. In the lowest position, ground to upper arms is 122cm. In the highest position, ground to upper arms is 157cm

What is the distance between the Upper Arms?

There are 2 variations for the Upper Arm Measurements. Measurements are made from the centre of the tips of the upper arms. Orders by default are for the Wide Arm Dummy, if you would like the Close Arm variation, please specify under 'special instructions' of the order form.
Wide Arm Dummy: 23cm when closed (minimum opening) & 28cm when open (maximum opening)
Close Arm Dummy:16cm when closed (minimum opening) & 21cm when open (maximum opening)

What wood are the Dummies made from?

Kwila hardwood frame, arms and legs; body is radiata pine (a dense variety, high grade of pine). The body alone weighing 25-27kg. Whole unit approx 60kg.

What is the quality of the finish of the Dummies?

The body is stained with coloured stain, and the frame is a natural polish.

There are imperfections in the Timber of my dummy and/or splits, will this affect the overall performance of the dummy?

There may be small marks or imperfections due the nature of timber, but this will not demerit the overall look of the Dummy, as it will be covered with a high quality stain.

Splits can occur in timber, which may be due to changes in weather and humidity. This is a natural occurance, and does not affect the performance or strength of the dummy. These will remain as surface splits, and customers should not be concerned that the split will penetrate deeply, maintaining full strength of the dummy body.

Are replacement arms/legs available?

Yes. I can send out replacement arms/legs, however, with the proper use of the Dummies, these should never break.

What is the warranty on the products?

If used correctly, the arms and legs shouldn't break. If the dummy is dropped / misused the warranty is void. Arms/legs are not covered under warranty, but with correct use should last a lifetime.

Dummies are handled with upmost care when manufacturing and packaging, and are freighted in custom made boxes which should ensure their safe arrival to destination. However, if some dints or marks occur due to transportation, Tribal Dummies cannot be held responsible.

Where can I put the Dummy?

The Dummy must be placed indoors or at least undercover with no exposure to the weather.

Can you make custom made dummies?

No. Dummies are made to specific measurements that should be suitable for everyone. The Attack style has an adjustable height, whereas the Tripod heights are as above.