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Thank you to all the schools and instructors that are supporting and using our Dummies:

Merv Holmes-Holding 
Martial Arts Supply    (for the years of collaboration and involvement
with designing and making these Dummies and referrals to costumers).
Email: streetfighterproducts@gmail.com
Web: www.streetfighterproducts.com

Paul & Dianne Maclaine 
KungFu Studio. 1/118 South Pine Road. QLD. ph 3205 3977
Email: kungfustudio@wingchunkungfu.net.au 
Web: http://www.wingchunkungfu.net.au

Web: http://www.brisbanewingchun.com


Leigh Duff (Sifu)
Hung Suen Wing Chun Kung Fu Tasmania 
Email: taswingchun@hotmail.com 

Robert Ardito (Sifu Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu) Shiu Lung Kung Fu Pty Ltd. NSW 
Email: wingchun@shiulungkungfu.com.au Ph 0415 452 032
Web: http://www.shiulungkungfu.com.au 

Sifu Ian Protheroe - Classical Wing Chun Australia
Email: info@wingchun-kungfu.com.au

Wing Chun Kung Fu Brisbane
E mail kungfustudio@wingchunkungfu.net.au

Progressive Martial Arts Academy
Email: enquire@progressivemartialarts.com.au

Phillip Warburton
Internal Kung Fu (Sydney)
Email: phil@internalkungfu.com.au

Greenbank Wing Chun (Sifu Dave Richardson)
Greenbank Wing Chun
Email: modukmartialarts@gmail.com.au

Practical Wing Chun Australia (Underwood, Woolloongabba, GU, Gold Coast)
Practical Wing Chun Australia
Email: info@practical-wingchun.com.au

Sifu Scott Cowen - Australian Representative
Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association. Queensland, Australia.

mobile 0451 016 271
Email: wingchunkf71@gmail.com
Facebook: SamuelKwokWingChunAustralia